Thursday, September 3, 2009

A tuneful reminder from They Might Be Giants: Science is Real.

No matter what age your learner may be, chances are they like the music of They Might Be Giants. Here's a story about their new CD on Wired. Here's the video for "Electric Car":

And here's an excerpt from a helpful review of the songs from the excellent blog Spare the Rock, Spoil the Child.

" 'Science is Real' is a driving and building number, 'Electric Car' (with a fun changeup in guest vocals from Robin Goldwasser) is hugely fun to sing (and clap!) along with, 'Meet the Elements' could be on commercial radio tomorrow, 'I Am a Paleontologist' mixes headbobbing with career aspirations, 'Why Does the Sun Shine?' rocks as hard as it has live for years, and 'Speed and Velocity' (written and sung by drummer Marty Beller) will get everyone vrooming around.

Here Comes Science goes well beyond what most science-themed kids’ records do, seeking to present a more realistic, and, dare I say more mature, look at what science really is about – questioning, challenging, and testing theories. It’s arguably both TMBG’s best record of this decade (kid-oriented or otherwise) and, so far, the best family record of 2009.' "